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This beautiful Mecanico Metronome is perfect to add to your music room, music study or even as a decoration for any music enthusiast.
After taking the metronome out or the box, please remove the white stopper from the metronome body bottom. (The stopper prevents the pendulum from shock during transportation.) Then hold the cover lower part and pull it off from the metronome body. 
Turn the winding key in clockwise direction till the spring fully wound up and place the metronome on a level surface. Set Tempo by releasing the pendulum from the hook by sliding it to right. Slide the weight up or down to position at the the desired tempo number on the meter plate.
* For example, if you want a tempo of 60, just position the weight’s top line to 60 on the meter plate.To set a beat, move the beat selector to ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, or ‘6’. The metronome then rings at the first stroke of duple, quadruple or sextuple time respectively. To silence the beat accent sound, set the beat selector to ‘0’. Check that the metronome is placed level, and move the pendulum gently sideways to start the pendulum movement.

1.Don’t use the metronome in the following locations.
●In direct sunlight
●Location of extreme temperature or humidity
●Excessively dusty or dirty locations
●Locations of excessive vibration
●Close to magnetic fields
2.Never take the Sliding Weight out from the Pendulum.
3.Do put the Pendulum in the Pendulum Hook when you don’t use the metronome in case that the pendulum is harmful to human body.
4.The metronome would be damaged if falling down from a high position. Please keep the metronome carefully in case of falling down.
5.After using the metronome, please put the Pendulum back to the Pendulum Hook, and cover the metronome. When putting on the cover, place the cover bottom to the metronome body first and then press the upper part of the cover. When taking off the cover, hold the cover bottom part and pull it off. 
6.If the exterior becomes dirty, wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use liquid cleaners such as benzene or thinner, or cleaning compounds of flammable polishes.