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Would you like the opportunity to create your very own t-shirt for your music group/team/choir/ensemble? Now you can!

These brilliant t-shirts have a superb loose fit and have a beautiful tailored quality. More t-shirt details can be found below: 

How does it work?

All you need to do is send us a design in a png or jpg image format which is a maximum of 28cm x 36cm.

If this is difficult to do - then just send us your image plus any text to with a short message and we would be happy to test the image to see if it is suitable for printing - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

We will also send you an image of your t-shirt, so that you are absolutely sure about your design. You can have any text you like, with any image size (depending on printing area)

Please Note: We cannot accept or print any image which may affect or breach another person or companies copyright to said image. Please use designs which are your own.

£15.99 is too much!? Do you sell this t-shirt any cheaper?

Yes we do! £15.99 is the price for a t-shirt sample. If you send us an image, it's suitable for printing, you are happy with your design and you would like a sample, just purchase 1 shirt for £15.99. This t-shirt is printed in FULL COLOUR.

If you are happy with the sample, to buy for your whole team, the prices are below:

Music Group T-Shirt - Customised - x5 - £10.99 each - QTY5

Music Group T-Shirt - Customised - x10 - £10.49 each - QTY10

Music Group T-Shirt - Customised - x15 - £9.99 each - QTY15

Music Group T-Shirt - Customised - x20 - £9.49 each - QTY20

Music Group T-Shirt - Customised - x25 - £8.99 each - QTY25 

Just add the quantity of t-shirts you would like in the basket, then at the payment page of the checkout, enter your discount code as above e.g. X5 T-Shirts - QTY5, X10 T-Shirts QTY10 etc...

If you are ordering a number of t-shirts which are not in a set of 5 e.g. 7, use the lower discount code eg, QTY5 and you will be refunded the discount separately for the odd 2. Alternatively, email us for a quote.

After purchasing one of the quantities of t-shirts above, we will part refund your sample so that it matches the price of the quantities you purchase.

We do sell t-shirts in higher quantities - please send us an email and we will send a quote.

If you have any question at all, please do email us on the address above - we are always happy to help!

*Special Delivery* - Free Delivery Worldwide!

This item will only take 10 - 14 working days to deliver from creation - with no extra cost to you!

T-Shirt Details

Material 100% pre-shrunk ring spun cotton
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL
Fit Tubular
Washing Washing machines, 40° maximum
Fabric weight 145 g/m²
Printing technologies Screen printing or high-quality digital printing
Printing dimensions 28 x 36 cm